Difference between binding and non-binding estimate

Hiring Moving Experts - September 13, 2019

Relocating to a new home means having to deal with a number of different tasks. You have to pack your belongings, hire a reliable moving company, change the address, just to name a few. However, the most important thing you should focus on during this process is the paperwork. This should especially be the case when you are making an arrangement with your moving company. In this article, we are going to help you realize just one part of it. You will have an opportunity to learn what is the difference between binding and non-binding estimate. Make sure you read each and every detail and you will know what to pay close attention to when the time comes.

First things first- what is a moving estimate?

In case you are moving for the first time, it is possible that you are not familiar with all the documents related to your relocation. Beside your contract, your moving estimate is probably the most important document you should pay attention to. A moving estimate contains all the important details about your move. For example, all of your belongings should be listed there, how large your moving costs are going to be, what kind of moving services you have added and the precise time when the movers are going to come.

One of the most important documents you should pay attention to is your moving estimate

What you should do when you get your moving estimate is to read it thoroughly. Even if you notice a small mistake, it is advisable to notify your mover about it. If it happens that you are not familiar with a reliable moving company, we will recommend you Dallas Fort Worth movers. With them, your relocation is going to be a positive experience.

A non-binding moving estimate

One kind of moving estimates is a non-binding moving estimate. This is certainly the most common kind of interstate estimates. The reason why this is the case is that it is much quicker for a mover to provide you with a non-binding estimate. The price that is presented in this document is a projected cost for your move. This means that the price is not guaranteed, it is simply an opinion of your mover about how much your move is going to cost. The main components of a non-binding estimate are the weight of your move and the number of packing materials.

Of course, they are not going to come to your home and weight your belongings. They will estimate it according to the inventory of your items. On the day of the move, after everything is loaded, the moving truck will be weighed. In this way, they will be able to determine the actual weight. In case it is more than estimated, you will have to pay more. On the other hand, if the weight is less than estimated, you will pay less. Naturally, these differences are not supposed to be too great. This is certainly not going to happen should you hire residential movers Fort Worth TX.

A binding moving estimate

This kind of estimate is usually asked for interstate moves. The main difference between binding and non-binding estimate is that, with a binding estimate, you are going to know the exact cost of your move. However, it can happen that the final weight of your move is less than estimated, but this is not going to result in you paying less. But, you should bear in mind that it can easily happen that you pay more. The reason for this may be that you have forgotten to point out an important detail which does not seem that relevant.

The advantage of a binding estimate is that you are going to know the exact cost of your move

For example, if you live in a building where there is no elevator, the movers will have to carry all of your items. Also, if your hallways are narrow, it is possible that your movers will not be able to get everything out. They may have to disassemble some pieces first. So, bear things like these in mind and be careful when making a moving arrangement.

Check both binding and non-binding estimate thoroughly

When the paperwork is in question (no matter what kind), you should certainly check each and every detail. This category also includes your moving contract. The parts that are now of our interest are a binding and non-binding estimate. The things you should check on them are the following:

  • whether all of your items are on the list,
  • the cost of your move,
  • the date and time.
As you can see, there is only one major difference between binding and non-binding estimate

If it happens that you find some mistake, feel free to contact your mover and notify them about this. It is possible that this was not intentional. However, should you leave it that way, the whole moving process can get complicated. For example, if the time or date is wrong, the moving crew can show up either while you are still preparing or be late. Of course, this can be a problem for them as well.

We hope that we have given you a helping hand when it comes to making a difference between binding and non-binding estimate. If it happens that you have some additional questions, feel free to ask your mover. Each and every reputable moving company has representatives who are willing to give you all the pieces of information you may need. One such is Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth. Should you decide to change your place of residence, contact them. They are going to do everything that is in their power in order to meet all of your moving needs.

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