Creative ways to save money when moving

Moving Preparation - August 23, 2022

So you’ve bought yourself a new apartment or home, or perhaps you’ve rented one? But in the whole process, you’ve spent too much money. You’ve bought some fancy new furniture, or maybe a car? Or you have high rent or mortgage… So we as one of the best moving companies Fort Worth would like to help you. We’ve come up with some creative ways to save money when moving! It’s understandable why people have to save money in 2022 since post-pandemic inflation is kicking in. So we’ll discuss how can you save some money and what can you do about it! Let’s dive in!

Planning and decluttering are one of the best ways to save money when moving

We as one of the most reliable movers Arlington TX would advise you to plan your move carefully. The earlier the better, that’s the best tip we can give. Once you’ve decided to move, start planning, and creating an inventory and you can start to declutter as soon as possible. This means that you’ll need a notebook or a virtual document or any other type of organizer that you use. Start making an inventory of all the items in every room. If you want to make it faster just start making an inventory and declutter at the same time. But planning is still the key since here you’ll have the best insight into what corners can you cut.

Now when it comes to decluttering we have a simple strategy that works every time. We as local movers Texas will provide you with a category of seven boxes, that you’ll need certain items to put in. So here it goes:

  • Sell things that you don’t need if you have enough time
  • Keep things that you must have
  • Throw away things that you can’t carry, can’t sell, or can’t donate them
  • Dispose properly of all food items
  • Donate items
  • Fix or mend things that are broken
  • Store items that you like but won’t find in your new house/apartment
A person writing in a notebook, while thinking about creative ways to save money when moving;
A successful move that saves you money is like a successful business; it needs to be well planned.

So we suggest that you do this, room by room and if you have enough time, start decluttering immediately. Also, inventory is important so you know what box contains what, this is also important for your movers; if you consider hiring them. Also, don’t forget to properly label all of the moving boxes.

Creative packing tips to save money when moving

Now when it comes to packing, the first thing that comes to your find are boxes. Well, you can find them for free behind some stores, or ask your local vendor to provide you with any. Since many stores throw them away, just make sure they’re clean. If it’s wet or has some odor, don’t use it. Now you’ll save a lot of money here, plus if you want to be more eco-friendly, just use all of your empty bags and suitcases that you use for travel or work. Numerous websites can give you tips on eco-friendly packing and moving. Also check with your neighbors, friends, family, or coworkers if they have any boxes that can give you or borrow to you. If you have any liquor stores or vineries near you, ask them if they have empty vine boxes, they’re amazing when it comes to packing kitchen items.

A man and woman packing things into eco-friendly bubble wrap;
Creative packing is one of the creative ways to save money when moving

Now when it comes to packing, you can use old newspapers, magazines, or anything that you would throw anyway. Now if you want to be eco-friendly use items such as blankets, biodegradable bubble wrap, recycled paper, towels, etc. Nowadays there are so many different things that you can use, and most importantly a lot of them are in your house; plus they’re free, which means it’s move saving time! As you can see anything empty can be a moving vessel and some people even use their clothes (old probably) to wrap certain fragile items. Also for the moving day make your food or sandwiches, and avoid eating out or shopping at the gas station; it’s much cheaper and it’s better for the environment. If you have original boxes, that would be perfect, especially for the electronic items.

Dollar store supplies, storage, and weekdays

You can shop at the dollar store and get some supplies cheaply. Also, you can use the store brand, not the premium one, since they’re usually 99% similar, you can pay more for the brand. Now we as reliable movers Euless TX can tell you that moving on weekdays is cheaper than on weekends. The reason is simple the demand is higher and workers’ wages are usually higher on weekends. Also, you can rent a truck or a van, and that is also cheaper on weekdays than on weekends.

Now again a good tip is to use storage if you want to save money; especially portable storage. Unlike trucks, you can keep things for longer and you can unpack for a couple of days. But that’ll use a lot of time and as we all know time is money. And hiring professional movers has its advantages. They’re reliable, well-trained professionals who can help you pack and move easily which will usually require less time.

A couple carrying cardboard boxes;
Moving on weekdays is a great money-saving idea.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you liked it. We hope that you liked our creative ways to save money when moving. So rethink everything the internet is full of different solutions and ideas, so you can look them up on Google, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. Have a great day and we are at your disposal, so if you need any help, give us a call. Even if you need to relocate specialty items such as piano or something more complex. Have a great move!

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