Common self-packing mistakes to avoid

Packing Tips - November 26, 2021

If you’re preparing to move to a new home, there is probably one thing that is stressing you out the most – packing. Yes, it’s a very time-consuming and hard process, but there are always ways to make it easier. It can be especially hard when you hire movers North Texas to relocate you, but you opted for packing by yourself. Self-packing is definitely more money-saving, but it can be overwhelming to do everything on your own. There are a few tips and tricks on how to successfully pack. However, more importantly, you should know what not to do. After reading this guide, you will know the common self-packing mistakes, and your items will be ready to be transported in no time.

Don’t skip planning ahead

The thing is, we are all aware that planning is important. However, it’s something that is usually neglected or ignored. You should have a packing strategy written out, so you know how to organize your space and time. In case you don’t do this, you will just get lost in the endless items and you won’t have a clear picture of what has been done and what is left to do. During a local move, the process that consumes the most time is packing. After you’ve realized your packing plan, residential movers Forth North will take care of the rest.

a couple carrying packing boxes down the stairs
Packing is one of the most stressful parts of the move.

When it comes to space, one of the solutions is packing room by room. Our suggestion is to start with the kitchen, as it is the hardest room to pack. With so many fragile objects, you have to be really careful when organizing the space in the moving boxes. Here are some tips on how to pack your kitchen pantry. Additionally, never leave something unpacked until the night before the move!

Don’t be lazy to label your boxes

Labeling your boxes can seem like a useless waste of time. However, it’s one of the biggest time-saviors! Just imagine going into your new house and you need to unpack the bathroom items first – you don’t know which box has them! Labeling makes unpacking a hundred times easier, but it also helps with transportation. You will know which items are fragile, which items need special care etc. Just grab a marker and start labeling! 

Don’t forget an inventory list of all the things you need to pack

Also one of the common self-packing mistakes is skipping the inventory list. It goes hand-in-hand with the packing plan and it will help you organize your items better. You will be able to see which items you really need, what you can throw away, give to someone or recycle.

box that is labeled fragile which makes self-packing much easier
Labeling your boxing is a life savior.

After you make your inventory list, if you feel like you can’t pack on your own, call the best full-service movers Dallas. Packing will feel like a piece of cake. 

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