Common mistakes when booking movers in Texas

Moving Preparation - October 22, 2021

When moving, one of the most challenging tasks is booking good movers. There are many companies that claim they are the best in the business. During the preparation time, you have so many obligations. You must organize decluttering and packing. And to sort out all utility bills. You must check contracts. And enroll kids in the new school. Tasks are numerous. So, even the most organized person is becoming stressed out. As a result of such a condition, you can easily make a wrong decision. However, following the advice of the best movers in Forth Worth, you can avoid inconveniences. The first of the common mistakes when booking movers in Texas is speed. In short, before you book a moving company, you need to check it out.

How to avoid mistakes of booking the nightmare

Booking a wrong moving company means you will go straight into a nightmare. How is that so? First, you will have unskilled movers handling your things. This means that some of your things will get damaged. And the last thing you need is arguing with the rude movers. Or to have sudden unexpected costs. Therefore, let us see what the most common mistakes are. And how to avoid booking unreliable movers in Texas.

A pen, inscription “I agree” and a square to fill in, after you check the common mistakes when booking movers in Texas.
Check about the common mistakes when booking movers in Texas.

Before calling movers, check their website

One of the common mistakes when booking movers is not checking their website. Do that before giving them a call. Why is this important? For instance, you see some information you don’t like. Or maybe their prices are too high for you. Whatever is not looking right for you, avoid calling them. Cross them out and continue by checking the next company on your list of Texas movers. This way, you will not lose time. Moreover, you will concentrate on the important issues.

Always check the online reviews before booking movers in Texas

Nowadays, with internet access, it is easy to make checks of moving companies. One of the things you should check is their online reviews. Also, always compare reviews from few websites. You can check reviews on Yelp, BBB, and other websites. You will quickly notice that some reviews are copy-paste from site to site. And they are, by rule, long and too general. Disregard such. They are made either by friends or competitors. Concentrate on reviews made by customers. They are usually not posted at all sites. And they are always more concise and detailed.

Ask for on-site estimation.

You have the right to ask initial questions before booking a moving company

Unfortunately, many people think they will be rude asking too many questions. That is not true. Professional moving companies like Dallas movers will answer all your initial inquiries. The bottom line, it is all about your possessions and your money. You are handing your possessions to strangers. So yes, you have full right to ask initial questions. In the first place, ask about the company and its references. Find out about its customers’ policy, insurance, the equipment they use. Do they have their own employees, or hire the movers when needed? Furthermore, ask about their charges, insurance options, cancelation policy, and payment methods. You should also know what they consider as extra services. And how much they charge for them. Also, make sure they can guarantee a precise delivery time. Their answers and behavior will show if you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

One of the common mistakes when booking movers in Texas is not checking if the company is licensed and insured

When booking a moving company, you expect they are all professional. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. So, when choosing the movers, check if they are licensed and insured. And, don’t just take their word for it, but ask them to show you the licenses. Even if you are hiring uncertified movers the relocation can pass without any problem. But, in that case, you are the one undertaking a risk. Your items can end broken or damaged. And they will not be covered. However, even with insured movers, damage to your items will be covered only by 60%. So, for your most vulnerable things, consider taking the additional insurance.

Always get quotes from a few moving companies in Texas

Moving services defer from company to company. They are offering different terms of rates, quality, and reliability. With a huge number of available options, you can easily get confused. In such a situation, you feel an urge to finish this part as soon as possible. So, the chance to end up with an inexperienced company is big. Once you find out that they are lacking skills, and proper equipment, it will be too late. Instead, be patient and check at least 3 or 4 quotes before deciding.

A man is signing a paper on the carboard box, and two women standing on his sides.
Signing a receipt for your shipment.

Signing an agreement with movers, before checking it properly

Before you sign any agreement or Bill of Landing, make sure you understand and agree with all provisions in it. If you are having a problem understanding it, hire a lawyer. In the end, this can prove much more cost-effective than signing a document you don’t understand. He will also know how to read such documents. And will be able to well understand the fine prints, which can be tricky. And never ever sign a blank document! A reliable company like moving services Fort Worth will never ask you to do such a thing. Their documents will always have clearly set rules. And they will provide extra benefits for you and protection for your belongings.

Other common mistakes you can do when booking movers in Texas

We gave an overview of some common mistakes. However, the list doesn’t stop here. There are many more mistakes you can do when booking movers. Such are:

  • Not planning (decide exactly what you want and what you need)
  • Forgetting the extra costs (like fuel, special services, fees for use of certain tools, etc.)
  • Deciding based on the lowest estimate
  • Not asking for on-site-estimate (which is more accurate than on-phone one)
  • Not checking is estimate is binding or non-binding
  • Hiring movers at the last minute (and not doing any checks)
  • Hiring movers who don’t know the area
  • Paying upfront for moving services
  • Not discussing all moving details and expectations, thus ending with the wrong estimate

The biggest mistake when hiring a moving company

Not researching a moving company before booking is the biggest mistake you can do. And this mistake can be easily avoided. One more of the common mistakes when booking movers in Texas – signing a receipt for your shipment without checking. Be sure you know the right and responsibilities of the moving company before you sign it. Movers are forbidden from forcing you to sign any document. And especially those relieving them from liability for loss or damage of the shipment. When dealing with a well-checked moving company, you will never end up in such a situation.

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