Can moving with kids be an adventure?

Moving Preparation - January 23, 2020

When you start planning a move to another neighborhood or even another state, there are several most important issues. One of them is to prepare your children for the upcoming relocation and help them adjust after the move. Parents are there to make a difference. Whether your kids will think of moving as a horrible experience or an exciting adventure, it’s mostly up to you. Moreover, relocations often bring families closer and may increase children’s creativity because it opens up different perspectives for them. Also, with the help of professional moving services Fort Worth, you’ll be up for this challenge. In this article, we’ll give you suggestions on how to make moving with kids an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

Moving with kids demands a positive attitude from parents

Let’s start by saying that parents can do so much to help make moving with kids a positive experience. Although relocation has many uncertainties, a parent is a role model for handling the process. Your kid will look up to you and imitate your behavior. So, there’s no doubt both you and your children will feel anxiety, and there’s no need to deny it. Because you’ll be able to help your children to understand their feelings by explaining to them your feelings of anxiety. On the other hand, don’t only talk about your anxiety, because that could ruin their enthusiasm. Just the opposite- show confidence in your children’s flexibility.

Talking will help moving with kids be less stressful

A conversation is always key to a successful relationship with any person. That applies to your relationship with your kids, especially in stressful times such as relocation. So, as Dallas Fort Worth movers recommend, talk to your kids. Begin with explaining new opportunities and finding the advantages of the new home. If you have an opportunity, make a pre-visit of the place you’re moving to and explore the places of interest. The bottom line is to encourage the spirit of discovery and adventure in your kids. Also, listen to your kids’ needs and desires. Don’t neglect their wishes regarding the upcoming relocation.

Make moving with kids a fun experience

After you’ve mentally prepared your kids for the upcoming relocation, it’s time for some practical and useful tips. Get creative and do your best to make this a fun experience for your kids.

  • Pack an adventure bag

The first step after the „we’re moving“ conversation is packing a bag. This step will give your kids an activity during a move, which makes a big difference. So, depending on how far you’re moving, the adventure bag can include pictures, toys, clothes, and toiletries. That way, your kids will know that their special belongings are with them the whole time. Yet, if you’re moving away from loved ones, make a photo album for their bag. That will help them feel more secure leaving their loved ones behind.

  • Make packing a group experience to make moving with kids fun and easy

It’s a fact that packing takes more time than you think. So, if you already have to spend all that amount of time packing, include your kids. For example, your kids could help with color-coding all the boxes. This is such a great way to involve your kids, especially the younger ones. Although they can’t pack their things, they can color, help you and have fun, all at the same time.

  • Explore your new neighborhood

Exploring your future neighborhood can be fun for your kids. So, plan and make a list of things or places that might interest your family, especially your kids. For example, write down parks, bike paths, or ice cream stores. The idea is to find your new favorite spots and enjoy an exciting new adventure with your kids.

Coloring the boxes as a fun activity for kids during relocation
Coloring the boxes is a perfect activity for your kids during the move.

Allow your kids to design their new room

When the relocation is getting near, interest your kids into it by suggesting them to decorate their new room. It is very important to make your kids’ new room feel comfortable. This process will be helpful to involve them and make it more fun for them. So, involve them as much as age-appropriate. Leave them space to showcase their personality and preferences. There’s no harm in letting your kids pick out a night light, new sheets, or an alarm clock. By letting them customize their new rooms, you’ll introduce a new level of fun to the process of moving. Finally, you will help your kids get excited about their new personal space.

Moving with kids will be easier if you include them in the process.
Let your kids decorate their room and make it a fun experience for them.

After moving with kids, stay focused and plan

When the relocation is getting near, you shouldn’t forget to make some arrangements to make it fun for your kids. Even after the relocation.

Help your kids meet new friends

Your kids are going to need help in getting to know new friends. You can connect them to the children of colleagues or kids in your new neighborhood. New friends will help your kids cope with the unknown and make it easier and more fun. Also, encourage them to meet new friends in school.

Friends will help moving with kids be a fun experience.
Help your kids make new friends and make the process of moving with kids a lot more fun.

Moving day survival kit for your kids

If you want to have a stress-free relocation day, pack these items and hold them close to you. They will make moving with kids so much easier because you will be ready for all types of accidents.

  • Snacks and drinks for your kids, packed in a cooler.

  • Mealtime must-haves, such as paper towels or disposable plates.

  • Change of clothes.

  • Some bathroom basics including soap and toilet paper.

  • Your kids’ favorite toys.

The bottom line

The key to moving with kids is planning, for sure. By making a good plan, you’ll have time to make this a fun experience for your kids.

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