Budget-friendly summer upgrades for your home

Home Improvement Guide - August 31, 2020

Whether you’re planning to downsize, relocate to greener pastures, or simply trying to spruce up your home, there are a few (relatively) quick projects that can help you increase the value you’re home without spending a ton of money or time. These summer upgrades for your home take less than a week to complete. They cost under $500 and could help you sell faster if that is part of your future plans. Since you are dreaming of improving your home, Evolution Moving DFW can help you do that on a budget. Who has enough money to do major remodeling either way? Don’t worry, there’s still a lot you can do to scratch the home-improvement itch. Let’s make your home look great this summer!

A bird feeding from a bird feeder
Add a bird feeder to your yard for your feathered friends to visit. You can find a vast array of options and price points.

Here are some cheap ways to improve your home for $50 or less.

1. Paint the front door

Are you painting your whole house? That’s a huge (and mind you, a pretty expensive) project that takes time. On the other hand, if you really want to focus on renovating during your relocation, you should hire movers Garland TX. But back to the point. If you consider painting only the front door that will give the front of your house a fresh, new look in just one day. Pick a fun, contrasting color, and don’t worry too much over it. If you decide you don’t like the new look, you can easily paint the door again next summer, or next month.

  • If you want to try out a few summer upgrades for your home, it is a good idea to play with colors before committing to any big changes and expenses. In fact, Home Depot offers free delivery of paint samples, and there are thousands to choose from.
  • Additionally, giving your shutters and trim a fresh coat of paint (or two) will give you the same effect. You can paint the entire trim or just the window trim.
  • Even when you are short on time or materials, there’s the option of repainting only the front-facing trim. Our advice is to go for a color that’s already part of your home’s exterior color scheme.
  • In total, this undertaking – including painter’s tape, a great paintbrush, a quart of primer, and a quart of exterior paint should cost you less than $50.

2. Summer upgrades for your home: Add path lighting

Why not add a little romance to your sidewalk or garden path? You can easily accomplish this with some solar-powered lights. Arrange the lights in a way that they make the walkway safer for visitors in the evenings. And while you are doing all these summer upgrades for your home, you can replace the porch light. Your affection for the porch light that came with the house has probably dimmed by now. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to request moving quotes Fort Worth? Another idea is to install an additional exterior light out by the back door or garage. There are a lot of affordable versions and styles out there, so this could make for a good shopping trip!

House number 22 on an orange building after summer upgrades for your home
Update your old house numbers. Purchase some new ones with an online search or at hardware stores. You can also shop for handmade numbers at Etsy.

3. Summer upgrades for your home: Building raised garden beds

Raised garden beds look more put together and because they create tiers they’re perfect for gardening on a slope. Raised garden pots are also great at holding good soil in place and retaining that extra moisture. They are very practical and can be adjusted to the space you have. If you are a nifty DIY-er, simply build them for the cost of a couple of boards, fence posts, and some wire. If that’s not really your style, no worries. You can also buy them ready-to-go or ready-to-assemble in a variety of shapes and sizes. Check out your local Home Depot.

4. Check the state of your water pipes and insulate them

Admittedly, summer upgrades for your home like these are boring. But they are easy and important! Furthermore, this project will save you money. You should insulate pipes that carry hot water through a cold basement or crawl space. Use pre-slit, hollow-core, flexible “sleeves” made of polyethylene or neoprene foam. Before you go to the hardware store, make sure you measure the diameter of the pipes you are insulating.

5. Summer upgrades for your home: Revamping the cabinets with new hardware

If your kitchen and bathroom look dated but you can’t completely gut and redo these rooms, replacing the cabinet hardware will give them a new look. Here are our full-proof shopping tips:

  • Remove one handle or drawer pull to see how many screws each drawer has. Also, use this step to measure how far apart they should be. Your new hardware obviously needs to have this same configuration.
  • Before going shopping, take into account your room’s style. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed by the endless number of options. Cleaning your appliances also helps update the space.
  • Do this by browsing home decorating magazines to find the look of the hardware you want. For instance, do you prefer pulls or handles? Sleek and modern? Are you more into the traditional style? Funky and eclectic?
  • Finally, if you are into the vintage look or you want to try and match the hardware on an older house, check out building salvage stores in your area.
Make a new headboard for your bed or refurbish the old one. If you hunt for free and cheap materials, you can do it for less than $50.

A bonus home upgrade for this summer

This last tip is a fun little project that involves cabinet lighting. You can have instant drama at a low price by installing flexible LED ribbon lighting under cabinets or shelves. You can get an 8-foot length of Armacost RibbonFlex Pro RGB LED tape light for under 50 bucks. Remember, whatever home improvement tip you use, whether it’s after you move or before the relocation, contact us for all things moving related. We can be your support throughout this project! So don’t hesitate to call us to inquire about our services!

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