Budget-friendly packing materials to consider

Packing Tips - June 4, 2020

Moving can be difficult, but moving on a budget doesn’t have to be as hard. There are so many costs that can be avoided or reduced, for example, you could save by finding budget-friendly packing materials. Since there are so many aspects you need to factor in, from the cost of your movers or rental truck to the costs associated with renting or closing on a new home, as the best movers in Fort Worth, we are pleased we can help you save on something. And the packing supplies can really add up—and fast. Fortunately, unlike house hunting and the mode of transport for your items, you actually have some wiggle room when it comes to how much you spend on supplies. Here’s how to cut costs on packing supplies and have more control over your moving budget.

Packing tape and boxes
Fortunately, with our help, you actually have some wiggle room when it comes to how much you spend on supplies.

Firstly, figure out how much supplies you’ll really need

Over-purchasing supplies are one of the biggest expenses that people create when they’re moving. While in some cases you can return these extra supplies to the store once you realize you’re not going to need them, it adds more step in an already overwhelming process. Plus, it is really easy to forget returning them, so it very well may be that you never get your money back. Make sure that you make an inventory of the items you’ll be moving so that you can pick up exactly what you need the first time around. That way you won’t have the additional task of either having to haul all your unused supplies back to the store or keeping them and eating the cost.

Rent your boxes instead of buying them

Instead of buying dozens of cardboard boxes that you are just going to throw out after you’re done with them, save money by renting reusable plastic containers. You can save an average of 50 percent off what they would spend on cardboard boxes by renting moving containers instead. Plus, the process is pretty easy: put in your order with packing services Fort Worth TX for how many budget-friendly packing materials you’ll need, and your box rental company will deliver them to your door. You just need to fill them up, move, and then schedule a pick-up at your new home. It’s simple, good for the environment, and – good for your wallet.

Find free boxes

Ask around and find out if you can get some boxes for free. One of the good things about cardboard is that it can easily be reused. Of course, in case the boxes haven’t gotten wet or come into contact with some other damaging substance. We advise contacting local businesses and see if they have affordable packing materials you can pick up. Most of them just get rid of their boxes after unpacking inventory. They may also leave some other useful materials for you, such as plastic or bubble wrapping and packing paper. You can post about this on your social media pages too because you never know, you may have some friends and family with supplies to get rid of as well.

Get creative with budget-friendly packing materials and use what you already have

  • Suitcases and duffle bags. Pack up clothes and bedding in your suitcases for easy transport. Suitcases are very practical for moving because their wheels allow you to move heavy items with ease.
  • Dresser drawers. There’s no rule that says you have to empty your dressers prior to moving. Use your drawers as efficient packing containers. Just remember to secure the whole thing in plastic wrap or tape up each drawer individually with plastic.
  • Garbage bags. They’re not the most sightly things to use as cheap packing materials, but they are excellent for hauling your belongings. Use quality plastic garbage bags for things that need a little bit of additional support, like books. Leave the regular garbage bags for moving lighter things like toys, hangers, and clothing. Never pack anything fragile in a garbage bag—you’ll want a moving container with a level base for delicate items.
  • Linens, towels, and clothing can be used to wrap and/or cushion breakable or sharp items just as you would use packing paper or bubble wrap.
  • Markers and stickers are ideal for labeling moving boxes, but, even the Crayola ones your kids’ use will work.
Budget-friendly packing materials to consider
With a bit of creativity, you can save some serious cash and still keep your things well packed and protected

Store up budget-friendly packing materials

Most of us order a lot of things online, and as a result, we get plenty of boxes arriving at our door. If you know have an upcoming move, start stockpiling the boxes you receive instead of recycling them. Designate a storage space for them where they’ll be out of sight and out of mind until you use them. Your basement or garage will work fine. Remember, you may gather enough boxes this way to pack up your entire household, but you should be able to make a significant dent in your moving budget.

Visit the dollar store for some quick and easy budget-friendly packing materials

You’d be surprised what you can find at the dollar store. Before calling one of the big-name businesses, try checking out your local dollar franchise and seeing what they can give you in terms of cheap packing supplies.

Over-purchasing supplies are one of the biggest expenses that people create when they’re moving.

Decluttering your home could save you money

The more you own the more you have to pack, so make sure to purge before moving! Before you get to packing, do a thorough walkthrough of your home and really look at what you own. Try sorting clothes, décor, kitchen supplies, food, and books, and separate things that no longer bring value into three piles: donate, recycle, and throw out. If you’re strict about getting rid of things, you’ll end up with a significantly lighter load and way less that you need to get supplies for. Budget-friendly packing materials aren’t necessarily hard to come by—you just have to know where to look. Save money on moving supplies by following the tips above and you’ll have more leftover for what really counts.

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