Bill of lading – what is it and what it serves for?

Hiring Moving Experts - September 1, 2019

During the process of relocation, you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork. For example, you will have to go from one place to another and change your address, to sign a contract with your mover, to get a new lease or a contract, in case you are buying a new home, etc. However, there is also one more thing you need to pay close attention to- bill of lading. The reason why you need to be careful is that bills of lading are the most essential parts of the shipping and logistics process. So, let us start and you will realize in no time why it holds such a central place in the moving process.

First things first- what is a bill of lading?

A bill of lading is one of the documents that is signed by both you and your moving company. Basically, it is a contract between the two of you. Each and every reliable mover is going to provide you with this document. In this way, they will ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

One of the most important documents to pay attention to during the moving process is a bill of lading

To be more precise, it is related to the shipment of your belongings and it has three purposes:

  • proves that a contract exists– when you receive a bill of lading from residential movers Fort Worth TX, it will be just another proof that your moving contract is a real thing;
  • receiving the goods– the carrier provides a shipper with this document as proof that specified goods have been received on board;
  • enlisting the goods– in this document, you will find a list of all the goods that should be transported to your new home.

What information does it include?

A bill of lading is more than just a list of the goods you are carrying with you. It includes each and every one of the important details of your move. For example, if you are moving long-distance, this document will include the name, condition and all other information concerning the shipment. There will be all the details: what is its final destination, how to ship the goods, the costs, etc.

A man with a magnifying glass
Once you get your bill of lading, check whether each and every detail is correct

The main purpose of the bill of lading is to ensure your goods are transported legally. Naturally, this should also be the case even when you are moving locally. There will be no need for you to worry if your moving company provides you with this document. You can feel free to put your trust in local movers Fort Worth. They are reliable and will do everything properly for sure.

Make sure you read it before you accept it

Since you are the one who can lose a lot, make sure you read thoroughly the bill of lading first. This part is your responsibility and, if something goes wrong, you will be the one to blame. It can easily happen that a mover oversees one of your boxes or a piece of your furniture. It will certainly be a big problem for you to ship it later. As you can see, this is quite an important document. It is not only a list of your belongings- it is much more.

Signing a document
Before you sign your bill of lading, make sure you read it

Therefore, once you get the bill of lading, read it carefully before you sign it. In order for you to know what are the things you are going to bring with you, it is advisable to make your own list. By doing this, you will see whether the bill of lading is the same as your list or there is something missing. Make this task part of your moving checklist and you will surely not forget to complete it on time.

Terms and titles of the bill of lading

You should also know that there are some other things concerning this document. There is more to it than a simple list of your belongings. For example, you should be aware of the fact that there are several ways in which it can identify the responsibility of the carrier in relation to the cargo.

The first type is a port-to-port bill

With this kind of bill of lading, the carrier has the responsibility of your cargo from the port of loading and the port of discharge. However, this is the point where its responsibility ends.

The other type of bill concerns combined transport or multimodal

This type of bill covers various combined modes of transport from receipt to delivery. This happens when a single contract covers more than one service providers under one carrier.

The third type – thorough bills

With this kind of bill of lading, the carrier is responsible during the sea leg. In addition to this, the carrier is also an agent in charge of arranging inland transport.

There are many different important documents in the logistics industry. One of them is a bill of lading. If plays a number of different roles throughout the whole moving process. You are going to need it both as proof of your contract and to define the responsibilities of the shipper. In case you are moving to a different country, this is certainly going to be a complex task to complete. Therefore, avoid dealing with this on your own and find someone reliable to do it on your behalf. For example, this can be a professional moving company. So, all you need to do is to contact them the moment you learn about your move and set the date. All the rest will come to its place and you will have more time to dedicate to other tasks.

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