Best ways to reward your movers

After the Relocation - June 24, 2020

There are certain things that may seem unclear when it comes to relocation. One of them is how to repay the workers who are carrying your heavy items, sometimes on a hot summer day or other bad weather conditions. Is it enough that you simply hired full-service movers in Dallas – or there is more to it? In this article we will reveal the best ways to reward your movers, so read on!

Are there several ways to reward your movers?

When thinking of ways to reward your movers, you may think is this really necessary? And if the answer is yes, do you need to give workers some money? Or is it simply enough to serve them cold drinks and shake their hands? And what if you are hiring long-distance movers in Fort Worth? Isn’t this type of relocation way more complicated than the local one? How to repay someone’s hard work and effort? Can you reward one crew member or do you need to reward the whole team? So many questions!

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We will now reveal the best ways to reward your movers, so read on!

Well, there is certainly more way than one to reward your moving team. Besides saying simple Thank you, to offering to buy them a meal and a drink while they work. You can even mention how good a team they were to the moving company or their supervisor. And that is quite ok as they are paid for their job. But what about the money?

Do you need to give extra cash to your workers?

Well, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. The question arises whether everything is in the money, whether it is just a monetary reward, a monetary simulation that is important, and that there is nothing else. Or is it simply enough that you hired the best moving company in Forth Worth and you can just relax. It seems like there is some unspoken rule to it – and nobody’s quite sure what to do.

The truth is, it’s almost never all about the money. Ok, we say – ‘almost never’ and it’s not ‘all in the money’, so let us explain what we mean by that. The people who work in the moving company, the workers who lift heavy items, are actually people like everyone else. As such they want and love to feel respected, desirable, valued. In this way, you, therefore, need to treat them as people. For starters, they are paid for their job, so you shouldn’t bring money as a reward (unless you absolutely feel like it).

But then – how are workers rewarded?

The best way to reward someone is with words of gratitude. In fact, it is the most efficient. No matter if you live in Fort Worth, Dallas Texas or any other part of the world, simple praise is always more than efficient. But how can you do it right?

The best way to reward someone is with words of gratitude – in fact, it is the most efficient way!

Well, there are various ways to do it. Maybe you like just one crew member that you think is giving the extra effort. You can then praise this employee in a private conversation in the kitchen, while no one else hears the words. You can say something like: “Than you a lot, you were very good and hardworking.” Or if you feel like it, it can be a compliment in the form of public praise to other employees, when you walk around the house and praise someone so that others can hear it. It can be even more public praise by saying someone’s name in front of the supervisor and calling him a worker of the month or something.

When you feel praised, the feeling is great

Public praise is of course more efficient than that praise that is not public. In this way, this may be the most efficient way for people to feel respected, desirable, and thus to work better. Just remember that people work better because people do things much better than they do from the heart, not from the head – or the wallet.

Let’s say we look at one case, basically simple, but it will be clear to anyone. War may be an ugly topic, but a good example to compare. Which warriors fight better? Those warriors who are not mercenaries. The mercenary will mostly stop working when the payment stops. But the one who fights from the heart, who defends the family, who defends the country and so on, he will fight to the end. That’s the thing! So when people do what they do from the heart, they will do it much, much better.

a glass with water
Sometimes, offering crew members a simple drink is more than enough.

Words are not everything

Regardless of the praise, don’t think that people are living out of nice words. People will in that case just say: “Ok, I’m great, but I have to feed my children, what do I work for?”. It’s clear you can’t stop there. So when thinking about rewarding your movers for a job well done, think about other things you can do for them. You can buy them food or offer them cold drinks. Therefore, in fact, the best reward, the best stimulation of employees is a combination of adequate rewards and nice words.

It’s not even at all about giving some huge money tips or anything like that. Okay, a little more money is sometimes welcome, but adequate reward with compliments and nice words are the best way to thank your movers. In this way, you will make sure that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and for the next 10 years, they work as best they can.

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