Best places to find certified moving companies in the DFW area

Hiring Moving Experts - March 1, 2020

Finding certified moving companies in the DFW area is very important! And there are many, many reasons why you should get them. Starting with the legal issues, their expertise and in the end, overall moving costs. If you are hiring professional movers, you will avoid getting scammed by some shady moving companies. And, if you believe that it is too hard to find certified movers, then this article is just the thing you will need! In the following guide, you will learn how and where to look for them! Continue reading to learn more!

Find certified moving companies in the DFW area from your friend’s advice

When you are looking for reliable movers to hire, you should start with your friends. If your friends have any moving experience with some movers, the will give you good advice on who you need to choose. Friends are here to help us, and there is no reason for them to give false information! WHich is why you can always ask them for their experience with their certified moving companies in the DFW area! Starting with the:

  • Price of the move
  • Their packing skills
  • Hospitality
  • Professionalism
  • Equipment
Friends helping friends find certified moving companies in the DFW area
Your friends can help you find certified moving companies in the DFW area

These are the most basic factors that make a moving company reliable and professional. Once you learn how to recognize them you will have no problem looking for and finding the best local movers North Worth! Because this is a sure way to find and hire them!

Reading the reviews on the mover’s website

Websites are most of the time a good place to find certified moving companies in the DFW area! Why, because they will show all of their experience and previous work. As well as their customer’s feedback on their work. Now, you shouldn’t always rely on the reviews 100% because some of them are fake. And we mean those comments who are obviously to negative to be true! Because those are generated comments meant to leave a bad review. You can easily figure them out because they have perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes whatsoever. Instead, look for the comments that sound more human! That way you can know you are reading a genuine comment from a person, and not a machine! In these comments, you will find out exactly how the moving company works and operates! So, when you are looking for moving services Fort Worth, the feedbacks will be of some great help!

a hand pointing at one star
Reviews can tell a lot about the moving company

Always check for the companies legitimacy

The most important part of this search is finding a licensed and legitimate moving company! Because, if you hire a moving company without a license, you are risking getting scammed! Because they are operating behind the law, they will often up the cost of the move! Making sure you will pay more when you are moving. This means, there are often some hidden moving costs that you will not be aware of until it is too late. But, in order to see if you are dealing with the legitimate moving business, you can check if they have a USDOT number on the official department of transportation website ! Because, this is a sure way to know you are dealing with licensed movers!

a hand picking paper that says legal
Companies with USDOT number are licensed and legal

Check moving groups on Facebook

In the era of informational technologies, there is little to zero chances you won’t be able to find a good moving company! Especially if you do a little research on Facebook! Facebook as a social network has a lot of good information! And, there are also a lot of good groups where you can learn more about the local moving companies! And if you are lucky, you might be able to find certified moving companies in the DFW area! These groups often speak about their past experiences, what companies to avoid, what to pick, who’s having the best moving services, etc! Making it quite clear that you can get a lot of information that can surely help you when searching for movers for your relocation!

a phone with Facebook app on
You can find a lot of good info on Facebook

Not only that but sometimes Facebook groups have a lot of hidden gems in a form of useful tips and tricks for a successful relocation! Because people often share their experiences and mistakes they made when moving! It can help you a lot with your relocation if you know all the tricks of the trade, sort to speak!

Check the local newspapers

One of the oldest and perhaps still the most reliable way to search for the certified moving companies in the DFW area, is looking at the local newspapers and their ads! Most of the moving companies haven’t yet switched to digital form of marketing and they are still hanging on the old school way. Meaning they will leave their ads on the radio, TV, newspapers, and flyers around town. This company can actually be a great help with your relocation! Because you never know what’s behind them! But, you can always test that by calling their customers to support! They will probably answer all of your questions! Leaving you with a peace of mind when it comes to relocation! You can even ask them what are the best supplies for packing and moving! And they will surely give you a satisfying answer!

A man reading newspapers in order to find certified moving companies in the DFW area
Don’t forget to check the ads in your local newspapers

These are what we believe to be the Best places to find certified moving companies in the DFW area! And you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with the most professional and legitimate moving companies you can find! If you have any previous experience in this area, you can leave us your comment on this subject! We are sure our readers and customers will be happy to read them and glad someone shared the info on it! You can do it in the comment section down below!

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