Being absent during moving day – why is it a bad idea?

Hiring Moving Experts - August 15, 2021

Because of all the stress that comes with relocation, it probably seems like a good idea to be absent during the moving day. You made sure to hire some of the best movers in Fort Worth. You have endured enough stress with the preparations and packing. Why would you be there for the actual move when everything has been taken care of beforehand? Below you can find a list of reasons why being absent during moving day might be a bad idea.

Hiring professionals or using the help of friends?

If you plan to relocate to your new home with your friends helping you with the process, it goes without saying that you need to be there during moving day. The friends you asked for help probably aren’t professionals, so they will need you to tell them what goes where. If you hired one of the residential movers Fort Worth, you might expect it won’t be necessary for you to be present. Hopefully, the list below will convince you that it is a bad idea to be absent on moving day.

Two women packing a suitcase together
Whether you are hiring professional help or asking your friends to help you, being friendly is an obligatory thing

Prepare to make the day easy for your movers

This is mostly considered if you are moving during the winter on during bad weather. If snow is the case, we recommend putting salt on the pathways or driveways before one of the moving companies Plano TX that you hired arrives. Especially make sure that your stoop isn’t slippery. For sure you don’t want any moving day accidents, so make sure to diminish every possibility of an accident happening. If on the other hand you are dealing with rain on your moving day, providing towels and ponchos would be the nice thing to do.

Being absent during moving day won’t give you the chance to provide drinks for the movers

It doesn’t matter if you hired a professional packing service, or it’s just your friends helping you, providing beverages for them is always a nice gesture. Moving is hard work. Lifting bulky furniture and heavy boxes can tire out even the fittest helpers. By doing all of this they will for sure get thirsty. Especially if it’s summer, make sure to arrive at the place before the movers and load up the fridge with beverages. If you are moving during the winter, a nice thing to do would be to provide hot drinks like:

  • tea
  • coffee (even if absent during moving day you can order coffee delivery for your movers)
  • hot cocoa

It is not recommended to offer alcoholic drinks unless they request one. This is due to the fact that most companies prohibit the use of alcohol during working hours.

Woman drinking water from a glass
Drinks are necessary especially on a hot day

Giving a tip

It is not necessary or expected to do this, but it is a nice way to say thank you to the movers for their hard work. And they will for sure appreciate it. The amount of money you should give depends on the overall cost of the move and the difficulty of the whole process. The tipping standard is 5 % of the total bill, but you can certainly tip more or less depending on your experience. Make sure to have cash on hand if you plan to tip. You probably won’t need to tip friends, but you should pay them back in some way. It could be something that you know they like, or take them out to a restaurant.

Being absent during moving day – conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, being absent during moving day is not a good idea mostly because you will miss out on assisting your movers. One more thing you can do is properly prepare for the arrival of the movers, to make the moving day even easier. Even tho it’s just small things that you can do on that actual day, they are nice gestures that will motivate them to work more efficiently.

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