Avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas – how to do it

Hiring Moving Experts - February 3, 2022

Texas is the second-largest U.S State by both total area and population. That also means that Texas is home to some major American cities, which attract many new residents every year. If you are one of them, Evolution Moving Company DFW can help you with the moving process. Unfortunately, moving to a big city increases your chances of encountering a dishonest moving business. So, how to know if a moving company will just abuse your trust? If you follow these tips, avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas will be much easier.

If you’re in doubt when researching reliable North Dallas movers, we’ll show you some useful tactics to avoid common moving frauds. Continue reading this article to learn more about protecting your belongings, and hopefully you will have a trouble-free relocation.

The key step in avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas is to ask moving companies for an estimate

Even though you might be in a hurry, take your time to decide which moving company is right for you. After requesting the quote, it is essential to know exactly what services the companies offer and at what price. While saving money is an attractive aspect, it shouldn’t be the only priority. More often than not, hiring way too cheap moving services will end up costing you much more. Additionally, there are movers Carrollton TX whose price/quality ratio is more than satisfactory. 

A piece of paper containing the pricing formula
It’s much easier to plan your move when you have a cost estimate in written form.

Reliable movers will not only estimate the cost of relocation but also write it down for you. This means that you can calculate instantly and then if there are any doubts, clear them with the company’s employees. Be on the alert if they seem to change the subject when you mention this issue, or if they give contradicting explanations. 

Always check for hidden fees

A reliable moving company will make sure to mention all costs beforehand and include them in the estimate. Depending on the mover, extra fees can include packing material they provide or the cost of taking bulky furniture apart. To prepare better, always ask to receive a moving contract a couple of days in advance. We know reading terms of contracts is not really fun activity, but you should definitely pay attention to small details. It’s where unexpected fees usually hide!

Person counting money to pay for extra moving fees.
Hidden fees might mean you will end up paying for your move much more than you originally planned.

Ask friends for advice

Got friends or coworkers who moved apartments recently? It’s likely they requested the help of some of the moving companies Garland TX. Why don’t you ask them for advice? If your friends were happy with their moving experience, they will gladly point out the moving company they used. A good referral will strengthen your friendship, and be of great use when it comes to avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas.

Legal precautions for avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas

All legitimate moving companies must be registered in an official registry. To be on the safe side, check whether the moving company you wish to hire is on the licensed list or not. Also, check if the company has changed its name before. Of course, rebranding the company for marketing purposes is not an issue. However, if a company changes its name too often, it can be a sign they are just trying to hide its previous bad reputation.

According to law, movers should also provide you with a booklet that defines your rights and responsibilities. It’s a red flag if they don’t, so demand to know your rights before you entrust them with your belongings. Moreover, you should know that companies that abuse people’s trust are often already embroiled in legal proceedings.

Pay attention to reviews

The 21st century is the age of readily available information. If you can’t get information about a moving company online, this sounds very suspicious, right? As a customer, you need a good communication channel to easily contact the people who will handle your most valuable goods. A company that does not have a website where customers can find more information about their services is probably deceitful.

Person using the computer to check reviews online
Influential forums can be your friend in avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas.

However, even movers with a good internet presence can be a scam. As a result, you should pay close attention to what influential pages and forums have to say about moving frauds. Untrustworthy companies get poor ratings on pages like MovingScam, where unhappy customers air their complaints. So, often just one online search is enough to realize that you are dealing with a sketchy moving company.

Verify the address of the moving company

Legitimate movers should have a physical address for their headquarters as well as a parking lot where they keep their moving vans. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, it’s not too uncommon to come in contact with a company that looks authentic but has a fake or nonexistent address. Protect yourself and your belongings, and only hire movers whose location you double-checked.

Experience is important when it comes to avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas

When choosing a company in this area of ​​specialization, what you should consider first is experience. However, the world we live in changes so fast, so what does experience even mean in the moving industry? An experienced moving company is one that has handled a variety of relocations: commercial, residential, small, large, local, or interstate moves. Skilled relocation specialists will be fast, efficient, and agile in doing hard work, which will save you money, time, and stress. Companies learn with practice, so keep an eye on those who have been on the market for many years.

There’s no reason to stress yourself while planning your move. Avoiding fraudulent movers in Texas might not be as hard as you think. Just follow these simple tips and check for common red flags! And don’t forget, if something doesn’t feel right, your instincts are probably telling you to keep an eye open. Trust your guts, and stay safe!

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