A seven-day packing guide before relocation

Packing Tips - July 2, 2022

Moving to a new house can be exciting but also stressful. The week leading up to your move is surely packed with a big to-do list to get everything ready. However, there is a number of things that can prepare you for your move that will help ease the transition into your new home. Evolution Moving Company DFW has prepared a seven-day packing guide before relocation that will make this task a bit easier for you.

Our seven-day packing guide before relocation will teach you how to pack with ease

Moving can be a very daunting process everyone must face. It’s sometimes unpleasant, it’s not usually fun, however, it leads to a positive outcome. Of course, particularly with moving, the success of it really depends on avoiding moving mistakes and planning in advance to make it as smooth as possible. But don’t worry. Our seven-day packing guide before relocation will help you pack with ease.

a mother and a daughter packing
A seven-day packing guide before relocation will teach you how to easily pack your entire household.

Take less stuff

When you are in a hurry, the less you have to move and pack, the better. Get rid of everything you can, particularly anything that doesn’t serve you any purpose anymore. You can get rid of things such as clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year, DVDs for the DVD player you don’t longer have, old class notes from college, etc.

You can separate all these items into three piles: “toss,” “recycle,” and “donate”. However, focus on donating or recycling as much as possible. Then make sure to get it all out of there, even if it means taking breaks to run back and forth to the recycling bin. Or to make a trip to Goodwill or some other donation site. Even better if you’ve got a friend who can pick up items you want to donate and either store them for you until you’re done packing and can make the trip or wants to drop them off for you.

Create a moving checklist

You need to figure out what needs to be done next once you have hired movers or rented a truck. It’s a good idea to make a moving checklist that will guide you through the process leading up to the moving day. Add new tasks to the list as they come. Staying organized will reduce the stress of moving. What you will need to do depends on your circumstances. However, usually, you’ll need to either transfer or cancel utilities in your old house and set up utilities in the new one. Move your medical records in case you need to find new healthcare providers. If you’re with pets you should collect your pet’s veterinarian records. If your children are moving to a new school district, make sure to notify their school about the relocation and find a new one in your new neighborhood.

couple reading about the seven-day packing guide before relocation
A moving list is a good idea because it will guide you through the process leading up to the moving day.

Wrap fragile items in your clothes

This packing hack is very useful. Your pillowcases and clothes can be a great replacement for bubble wrap and scrunched-up newspaper. You can save space and weight by using things you are already taking with you to wrap your fragile objects. This way you will buy less packing materials which will save you a lot of money.

Organize and label your items

Knowing where you put your belongings makes life so much easier. Movers Euless TX suggest labeling your boxes. Packing similar items together can be helpful. Some people pack by room, however, this doesn’t work always, depending on the kinds of items and their weight and size. Figure out a system for you that balances all the practical considerations, however, make sure to keep a tab on what you’ve put where so you can find it quickly. Also, it means you will know what you have already packed, just in case you need to find it again or you are not sure if it’s in a box yet. Keep a list.

Weight distribution

When you are packing boxes to move, you don’t need to pack them one at a time. Local movers Texas recommend filling a few, putting heavier items at the bottom, and leaving space at the top for lighter items. Remember that someone has to pick up the box. Whether it’s a mover or you. Most moving companies have weight limits for boxes, so you need to make sure you know what they are. The limits aren’t just in consideration for the people packing. Overfilled boxes risk breaking, and the last thing you want is your items spilling out everywhere during transportation.

Ask for help

If you are moving in a week, there really is no time to be shy about asking for helping hands. You can ask a few friends or family members to come help you out with moving and packing, Make sure to express your gratitude both verbally and through other gestures. Nothing says “thank you” like a pizza. If no one’s available and you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you can use websites such as Thumbtack or TaskRabbit to hire someone to come help with packing and unpacking, and loading up the moving truck.

a couple packing
You can easily maximize your space by using shoes, containers, or baskets to fill any empty gaps.

Make sure to fill empty spaces

If you are packing shoes, containers, or baskets, movers Arlington TX recommend maximizing your space by using all of them and filling those otherwise empty gaps. Putting things in your shoes is an amazing packing hack for your carry-on luggage also. If you have fragile belongings such as a bottle of cologne tucking these inside a pair of shoes can be a good way to keep them from getting broken.

Hopefully this seven-day packing guide before relocation will make the whole process more simple for you. Just remember to take your time and stay organized and you will be ready when the moving day comes. Good luck with your relocation!




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