A complete Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide: how to prepare for moving here

Before the Move - August 16, 2022

So you’ve decided to move to Dallas-Fort Worth area. We, at Evolution Moving DFW know that moving is quite stressful and 2022 is an exceptionally stressful year so far. So we decided to help you by making a complete Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide: how to prepare for moving here. We know that prices of everything are rising because of the post-pandemic recession. At least, the prices of gas have fallen below $4 per gallon in the second week of August. With everything going on and the hottest summer so far, we’ll focus on all the information on moving to Dallas-Fort Worth. So let’s see what await you here, let’s dive in!

Creating a checklist, inventor, and planning a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2022

We as experienced local movers DFW would first advise you to plan. Planning is the key to a successful move and it’ll make it less stressful.  You’ll need to create three checklists before, during, and after a move, you can do this ahead of or after finishing each chapter. Nowadays you can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or whatever to create a checklist. If you opt for an “electronic solution”, create a folder where you’ll sort all of your important documents, papers, contacts, etc. Also don’t forget to pack hard copies of mortgages, leases, passports, IDs, etc. Don’t stress too much at the beginning and try not to overthink it too much, we know that a lot of things can go wrong. But trust us as experience movers, this happens less often nowadays.

Photo of a notebook with a bulletin;
Creating a checklist is essential and that includes planning well ahead as well.

The next step would be creating an inventory and creating a budget. Before you create an inventory we as reliable residential movers DFW advise you to create a perfect checklist. So the average checklist is from week 8 to moving day, no one rule fits all, but you know the best. So set the time and date of your move and calculate the days you have left. After that create an inventory of all the things that you have in your house or apartment. Next, you should declutter your house day after day by creating six boxes that are labeled as:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Store
  • Recycle

After that, you’ll have weeks of work, but the sooner you start less work you’ll have. So create a schedule by setting a rule such as “one hour per day” and leave one day in a week to do most of the job.

How to prepare a moving budget

The final list of items that you’ll move will be quite important for your insurance company.  Now when it comes to creating a budget we would like to advise you to do it as precisely as possible. So when creating a budget you have to calculate a certain amount of factors and expenses. For example furniture repairs, gas, moving expenses (professional assistance, truck or van, the weight of the load, etc.)… These are just some of them, you should create a list of your own or try looking for a place, but again no size fits all. Once you have the final list you can get your free moving estimate Fort Worth. It is advisable to get quotes from a couple of moving companies so you know what to expect. But never settle for the cheapest one because it doesn’t mean that is the best one.

A printed paper, pallpoint pen and a black calculator;
In our Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide, you will learn how to create a budget and save every bill along the moving process.

Now when it comes to making a budget, you can also create your future household budget. Nowadays you can research online the costs of living in any given city in the world. You can use websites like nerdwallet.com to compare your current city and any other city across the US. For example, the median rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2022 is $1, 313. Also, housing, entertainment, food, and healthcare costs are lower than in Dallas; only transportation is more expensive but only by 2%.

DIY move to Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2022

So if you’ve decided to do it yourself, local movers Fort Worth remind you that it’s quite hot in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So if you’re moving during the summer be ready for that. Now you should be heading to the stores to buy the moving supplies like proper moving boxes (different sizes), wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tapes, labels, sticky notes, pens, felt pens or markers, etc. Now if you’re doing it yourself you should google or watch some videos about packing. Not all of the things are easy to pack and many require skill, or if you have someone who has already done it ask them to assist you. Also, don’t forget to buy zip bags and plastic bags for all the screws, nails, etc. that you’ll when you disassemble your furniture.

Now when you’re packing just be careful; heavier things go to the bottom (and usually bigger). Also, don’t put too much weight into a single box. If you’re moving something heavy use dollies and ramps. Think about in which order you’re putting things in a truck because that goes first in the vehicle comes out last. If you need any help seek professional packing services Fort Worth TX has. Unplug all the cords before you pack any electronics, bend the cables, and put them in plastic bags or boxes. You can also use peanuts for boxes so it’ll soften any impact that may occur.  For any access, things have a yard sale or sell items online. This mostly depends on the time that you have left and if you’re willing to do it in the first place.

Yellow cord on a blue surface;
You’ll need to fold and pack cords in plastic bags if possible write with a little sticky note on each of them what are they for.

Hiring professionals for a Dallas-Fort Worth move

This is an important decision to make. Several key reasons may help you understand this. First of all, you won’t have to go and buy all the packing supplies, boxes, materials, tapes, etc. Simply they’ll do it for you, the whole packing process. Secondly, they’ll provide you with moving insurance three kinds of it, but if something gets broken you’ll get a refund or your item will be replaced. Thirdly if you have specialty items such as pool table, pool table movers Fort Worth, wouldn’t advise you to try lifting it or trying to disassemble it and assemble it yourself. Also when it comes to hot tubs, pianos, etc, consider hiring pros at least for that part. Professional movers are highly trained and qualified people, both physically and mentally ready to face the moving challenge.  Don’t forget to drive a truck or a van on your own, if you don’t want professional help.

Also when you’re moving there are certain rules. If you aren’t sure what are they ask your movers. There are some especially important questions that you should ask your movers. Also, you aren’t allowed to carry things such as gas tanks, explosive devices, guns (you hate to talk with your mover about this one), nail polishers, paint, live plants (across states),  carbonated beverages, any household chemicals, batteries, drugs, fireworks… The list goes on and on, so you can check it online or with your mover. Also, don’t carry any food so if you have any left, dispose of it properly or take it to a food bank. Don’t carry frozen foods; if frozen foods get melted and then frozen again, they can produce certain types of bacteria.

A professional mover in dark green t-shirt, leaned on a van, thinking about Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide
If you hire professional movers you’ll save a lot of time, and money, and your whole moving event will be less stressful.

Update everything before you move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2022

So don’t forget to cancel different subscriptions and utilities. Now two weeks or more, before you move update you if you have any magazines, Amazon Prime, FedEx, USPS, Walmart+, or any other subscriptions. Nowadays people use grocery, food, and delivery, so also don’t forget to update your apps that use your address as well. Now don’t forget to update your voter registration, since you won’t be able to vote in the upcoming elections. Also don’t forget to update your ID, passport, driver’s license, or any other important documents. If you have kids and pets, please check this once again. Also, you can look for a new school online or if you have enough time, move sooner or during the summer vacation. This is the best time because you’ll have time to settle down. Also, your kids will make some friends before the school year starts.

Now at least a month ago, make a budget and contact any shipping companies, to ship your car.  You can also give a permit to your neighbor Also don’t forget to transfer your utilities like water, gas, electricity, etc. you don’t want to move in and you don’t have any water. Google for some of the best cable and internet providers, or just move your current one. If your friends have enough time and help you that’s great so are family members. But don’t get all angry if they don’t have enough time, so try to get some time and talk to each of them before you leave. Don’t forget to make a goodbye party if you have enough time. If you’re going to the doctor, ask if they know any doctors in Dallas-Fort Worth.

A repairman repairing electrical wires, while thinking about Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide;
As a part of Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide don’t forget to turn off your utilities at your previous home and turn them on in your new home.

The final chapter of the Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide

Don’t forget to talk to pick up clothes from your drycleaners, return books to the library, etc. If you’re a renter tell your landlord at least a month ahead that you’re moving. Talk to him/her about the security deposit, which should be in your account between two weeks and sixty days; that is if everything is okay and in order as you’ve previously agreed. If you have a security system or you don’t but you want it for your new house, contact your provider. Now here you can choose between DIY which is not that difficult or you can ask for professionals to install it for you. Also if you had a garden, or you want to have one, contact local gardening services in Dallas-Fort Worth. Now you should do all of these things at least one day before you move.

As for your old house, clean it, say goodbye to it, and double-check everything. We mean from the basement to the attic. Make sure that water, gas, and electricity are off, also close all the windows and lock all the doors. If you’re a renter go for the final walkthrough around the house and that would be it. You or your landlord should also cancel recycling and trash services.

A man entering his new bedroom, while thinking about Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide;
Finally, your moving process is over and you can now enjoy your new home!

Now let’s go to your new home! Before you even start decorating, painting, and organizing, take some time for yourself. There are plenty of places to visit after relocating to Dallas-Fort Worth. Now contact local garbage and recycling services to set them up at your new place. Go grocery shopping just to explore the neighborhood. Don’t overuse Google Maps and the internet, take a chance and walk or take a ride around your new neighborhood. T

That would be it for this article. We hope that you found helpful and useful our Dallas-Fort Worth area 2022 guide. If you’ve moved during summer vacation, visit the local zoo it’s fantastic, especially if you have kids. Have a nice stress-free move and take care!

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