7 storage mistakes that you want to avoid

Moving Preparation - September 14, 2020

Many of us forget to consider how the conditions of a particular storage location could make an impact on our belongings. While now and then these 7 storage mistakes can be obvious like you would know not to store cherished family heirlooms next to your kids’ art supplies. On the other hand, sometimes they’re easy to overlook. So today Evolution Moving DFW experts will shed some light on the topic by sharing 7 of the most common storage misconceptions and how to avoid them. So keep on reading if you want to make the most of your storage unit. Just steer clear of these self-storage mistakes while you’re moving your stuff, and you’ll be fine.

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People rent storage units when they want a space for personal items that they don’t need everyday or when facing life changes.

Are you packing your self-storage unit the right way?

Do you think you’re getting the most out of your storage unit? Sure, it’s a room (or a locker) that holds your stuff. But it’s easy to oversee some steps when choosing a place in your home to store your items. Depending on the type of items that you need to put in it, the wrong size unit or storage conditions can affect the safety of your belongings.

Packing things and placing them in a room to wait there until you need them should be straightforward. However, you’ll want to prepare well before the best movers in Fort Worth arrive in order to prevent these self-storage mistakes from happening. Our guide will help you to keep your stuff in excellent condition. 

1. Choosing a unit of the wrong size

This is one of the biggest storage mistakes, which is why we are listing it first. Basically, people want to cram too much stuff into a space that’s too small to save money. We understand you are moving on a tight budget, but you don’t want to go cheap with the wrong sized room for your stuff. When the storage unit is too small, you risk damaging your belongings. Squeezing your stuff into a unit like a bad game of Tetris will probably cause the things in the back to break. If you’re unsure about how much space you need, consult our representatives and we will use a calculating tool to help you find the right size.

2. One of the biggest storage mistakes is not packing for the long haul

Clients usually need storage units for long-term storage. Before accumulating boxes in your storage unit, make sure you pack your belongings with safe-keeping in mind.

Don’t be stingy with packing material because you need to keep fragile items safe inside boxes. Hire moving services Forth Worth because professionals can wrap furniture to keep it safe from damage while you’re moving it into the storage room. Use plastic or bubble wrapping to protect clothing and other materials.

3. Skipping adequate security is one of the major storage mistakes

  • It’s easy to believe that your stuff is risk-free behind the metal door and padlock of your storage unit. However, one of the worst storage unit mistakes is picking a facility that doesn’t offer enough security.
  • You should never opt for a storage facility that lacks critical security elements like cameras and a well-secured gate with controlled access. Your storage facility should only allow access to clients who rent storage units with them.
  • Without adequate security, thieves have access to your property. Even the top-quality padlocks can’t keep a determined thief out of your unit. Your storage facility needs to offer highly effective security measures to protect your items.
  • Before you sign a lease for your new storage unit, inquire about security cameras and if your facility monitors their units 24/7.
Three blue garage doors with numbers will help you avoid storage mistakes
Make sure you estimate the unit size you need based on the size of the items you need to store.

4. Stacking items in your unit without a plan

If you just cram moving boxes in your storage unit, what happens when you need something from the back? You’ll regret not making a stacking plan when you come back to your unit wanting to get that one thing you need against the back wall. You will be forced to remove everything in front of it, but it is a mistake that you can easily avoid.

When packing and stacking your storage unit, create and follow a simple plan. Place the belongings you might need sooner rather than later in the front of the unit. Make sure to form a path between the boxes to reach items throughout the unit to avoid all that extra work!

5. Using storage for things you shouldn’t is a major mistake

  • You can’t store anything and everything! Make sure you ask your facility for a list of the things you shouldn’t place in a storage unit.
  • Never store food or any other type of perishable items. Rotting, moldy food will ruin other items in your storage room.
  • The same goes for plants because greenery can’t survive in the dark and without water. Dying plants will eventually rot and cause damage to moving boxes and furniture.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to leave pets or other living creatures in a storage unit. Just like pants, animals require food, water, and attention. A storage unit is not a smart place for keeping your furry friends.
  • There is an extensive list of hazardous materials you should keep out of your storage unit. Chemicals, propane, or other dangerous materials shouldn’t be in a storage unit.

6. Refusing insurance is one of the 7 major storage mistakes that you want to avoid

You could choose the safest storage facility that has all of the security bells and whistles. However, in case there’s a disaster, such as a fire, the facility owners aren’t liable for your damaged property. Don’t skimp on the insurance that can cover your personal items in a storage unit.

Person packing books in a white box
Avoiding these mistakes will keep your stuff safe.

7. Last but not least, make sure you plan the logistics

Selecting a storage facility with drive-up access can make unloading and arranging your property into the unit a lot simpler. Contact us to maneuver your items down long halls or up and down elevators, to save yourself some time and hassle on your moving day! Good luck!


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