7 questions you should ask your movers

Hiring Moving Experts - October 14, 2019

Before you even start to relocate, there is one kind of preparation that needs to be done. First, call your Dallas Fort Worth movers and schedule your relocation. But wait – what are the questions you should ask your movers? Well, we got 7 of the most important ones; so don’t start calling the movers before you read this! Let’s go.

Questions you should ask your movers – the basis

You should always inform yourself about the basic relocation procedures before you start calling every single moving company. Always check online for the moving companies that you may like and hear their story – it will help you make the best choice. Once you done that, you can start asking questions.

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Think about the questions you should ask your movers.
  1. Can relocation be done immediately or is it necessary to make an appointment?

This is one of the obvious questions you should ask your movers – but many people tend to forget it. No, movers are not just sitting around  and waiting for your call. If you need a smaller relocation then you can probably get residential movers Fort Worth TX to do it on short notice. Other than that, if you need to transport home appliances or change a piece of furniture with new ones, you can also probably do it without an appointment. However, if you want to move a complete apartment with dismantling – furniture assembly, packaging – you need to schedule it in advance.

  1. Should you move with a van or a truck?

Whether you will move your items with a wan or a truck, depends in which street of Fort Worth TX do you live in. Of course, the price of the whole relocation depends on it… but experienced movers will know what is the best solution for you. Know that vans are the ideal solution for narrow streets with poor access in the city center, where there are also traffic bans for trucks. Of course, choose companies that have reliable personnel and specialized moving vehicles.

  1. What about the weekends, holidays – and even night relocation?

Some moving companies are available 24/7 and some work only on the workdays. Also, some moving companies charge more if they work on special schedule. You should always ask a moving company what are their working hours and see how can you adjust it to your time. This is also important question if you are moving an office and want to move as quickly as possible at non-working hours.

Inform yourself about the basic relocation procedures before you start calling every single moving company
  1. What about packing services? And do you need that at all?!

One of the important questions you should ask your movers is definitely about their packing services. Ask about the prices and different options that companies offer. If you feel that you don’t need packing services as you think you can pack on your own – you will surely need moving boxes… And most of the moving companies sell them at low cost. Also, think about bulky furniture and fragile items such as big mirrors: those need to be packed as well.

  1. What affects the price of moving?

Moving prices can be different from company to company. However, different prices may imply different offers, so you should always ask what’s included in the price. Here are some factors that can affect the final moving price:

  • Distance and ease of access to your home. Also, floors can play a great role when loading and unloading furniture. Are there any elevators that can carry heavy items?
  • Size of residential or commercial space. Also, the number of items you have and that you have to move
  • Number of workers that have to work on the day of the move
  • Do workers also need to transport heavy loads such as pianos, cash registers, safes, hot and cold showcases, double refrigerators, boilers, stoves, etc?
  • Amount of packaging material required
  • Whether you need disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • Are you moving to Fort Worth TX or do you need long distance or international relocation? In the case of long-distance relocation, the price will probably be higher by the distance between cities, the price of tolls. Also, when you are moving internationally, customs costs are added.
Moving prices can be different from company to company.
  1. How does the actual process of moving look like?

Before you even hire a moving company, ask them to tell you what the actual process of moving looks like. For example, you can ask them is it your job to carry some of the things. How long the relocation is going to take? Do they have insurance in case something breaks? Are they going to give you packing materials? Can you rent storage if you feel you have extra stuff? Does a moving company take items to the landfill? What do you need to do on that very day – and how should you handle your kids and pets (if you have them)? It would be best to ask them as many questions as possible, so there won’t be any surprises when the actual moving day comes. The most important thing is that you feel safe and secure giving your trust to that exact company.

  1. Can you hire the workers without transport? Or the other way around?

Sometimes you need just a helping hand – and sometimes you just need a way to transport your things. Depending on your relocation, you may just need someone to help you out or just need a transport from one place to another. You can also maybe ask for a discount because you are taking just a partial service from the relocation company. Either way, you can always ask and see all the possibilities that one company offers.

In the end, we hope we got you covered with some of the most important questions you should ask your movers. Of course, there are many other important questions you can ask that we didn’t mention in this article. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact your local moving company and get some of the answers you need. They will probably be willing to give you advice for free – plus a free moving estimate. What more can a relocation person ask for?

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