6 types of items that movers won’t transport

Hiring Moving Experts - January 14, 2022

If you have ever relocated, you know how difficult it can be to do that. Hiring professional movers like some of the movers North Texas can make all the difference between a smooth and disastrous experience. They can do everything for you, from packing to unloading the boxes at your new home. Hiring good movers gives you peace of mind that your belongings are in safe hands. Whatever kind of items you entrust them to move, they will do it with utmost care. But did you know that there are some items that movers won’t transport? Keep on reading to find out what you will have to move by yourself for your next relocation.

6 types of items that movers won’t transport

Maybe you are disappointed to hear that there are items that movers won’t transport. But movers Richardson TX don’t do it for a good reason. Some of these items can be dangerous, while some simply cannot and shouldn’t be transported by someone else that is not you. These items are:

  • Plants
  • Documents and photos
  • Medical devices and medication
  • Jewelry and money
  • Hazardous materials
  • Perishable items
Picture of an orchid flower
Plants often cannot survive the conditions during a move

Most plants cannot withstand a long distance move

Plants are living beings, and moving stresses them out. Especially during a move with one of the long distance movers TX, there are a lot of factors that can harm them. They might not die, but recovery will take a long time and a lot of your emotional engagement. If you don’t want to leave your green friends behind, you can transport them with you. The only problem here is that some states and countries have special measures when it comes to plants. They often require special forms and even quarantine periods, which can be an extra expenditure and hassle for you.

Documents and photos

All of the residential movers TX work hard to keep your belongings safe, but they cannot transport your documents and photos. Apart from that, you might even need them during the relocation process. That’s why you should keep items like passports, medical records, and family photos in a briefcase in an easily accessible spot at all times.

Medical devices and medication are items that movers won’t transport

Medications are an intriguing category since something that can be bought in any pharmacy in one country can be illegal in another. For this reason, if you have medicine that you have to move with you, make sure to check how you can transport medication abroad. Medical devices should never be put in the moving van since they can get damaged.

Jewelry and money

Movers are usually insured, but they won’t accept items that can cause liabilities. Jewelry, money, stocks, coin, and stamp collections should be kept with you. Put them in a safe or lock box to ensure their safe transition to your new home.

Jewelry is one of the items that movers won't transport
To ensure that you valuables are safe, it is best to transport them with you

Hazardous materials

Dangerous items like weapons and fireworks certainly cannot be transported by any movers. But surprisingly, many household products are also considered dangerous when moving. Items like paint, cleaning products, and even nail polish are considered unsafe to transport. Pressurized containers are also not allowed, due to the risk of explosion.

Perishable items

Food items like meat, dairy products, and frozen goods cannot be transported in a moving van, due to obvious reasons. More so during a long distance move. Apart from the unpleasant odor they can emit, it can also be a potential danger for your other items, because of the mold and fungus they can attract. Make sure to use up or give away any perishable food that you have before moving.

Types of items that movers won’t transport

Some of the items that movers won’t transport are quite obvious, while some might come as a surprise. That’s why you need to declutter and get rid of all of the items that cannot be transported, and put in your vehicle all the items that you should keep by yourself. We wish you a successful relocation!

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