6 tips for identifying bad movers

Moving Preparation - April 15, 2020

Moving is a complex, emotional process and can end up being quite expensive. While these situations are common, you certainly don’t want to add another issue to an already intense process. With over 14% of people moving every year, according to the U. S. Census Bureau, there’s bound to be problems. For example, there are moving scams that appear. They usually involve coming across an unlicenced mover among all the moving companies Fort Worth. Such a fraudulent company might do anything from losing or damaging your stuff, or even worse, stealing your money. To better understand this issue, Evolution Moving DFW experts have some tips on identifying bad movers. Read on to ensure that your upcoming move runs smoothly – without a hitch.

4005 address number
All movers should be able to provide you with their address (or headquarters), contact information, registration status, and what type of moving business they have.

Make sure that your prospective movers have a valid license:

While it might be tempting to go with a ‘friend with a van’ or a Craigslist ad that you saw, you have to be super careful. Movers who aren’t registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission carry a red flag. Same if they don’t have a USDOT number. While these movers might seem like the best deal online, cheap might prove to be very expensive if they run with your money. Plus, there’s nothing that the FMCSA can do if anything happens to your stuff. A big warning sign that you’re working with a fake mover is if they have no physical address and no federal motor carrier number. This number is a great tool for identifying bad movers. It shows they are registered with the federal government for interstate moving.

Identifying bad movers: Check the markings on the moving fleet

A legitimate moving company will never have a generic, unmarked truck so looking at the fleet is a great way for identifying bad movers. Moving trucks should clearly display their company name, address, website or phone number. If their van appears suspicious or something seems off, don’t let them in your home. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission, all long distance movers should be able to provide you with their full info. That includes address (our headquarters), contact information, registration status, and what type of moving business they have. And their trucks should reflect the same professionalism.

Check to see if the moving company has bad ratings:

After you call and meet with a few prospective moving companies, be sure to check out their rating. You can read their reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Here, you’ll be able to investigate reviews, online complaints, company information. As well as when they were incorporated, and their BBB rating. If you’re looking into identifying bad movers, a major red flag is if they have poor online ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

You see unusual estimates:

While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest moving quote that’s out there, we recommend getting multiple estimates. That way you can compare various moving services and rates between different companies. Note that a scammer tends to offer unusually high or unusually low estimates, compared to the other prices on the market.

Blue piggy bank
Before you hire a mover, you should receive an estimate of how much your move will cost.

A good rule for estimates that we can recommend when trying to identify bad movers is to get moving quotes Fort Worth in writing from at least three different moving companies. This will allow you to realize legitimate movers thus making an informed choice by comparing the company, their services, and the multiple estimates.

Identifying bad movers by not receiving an estimate at all:

This is the worst sign of them all. Before you hire a reliable moving company, you should receive an estimate of how much your move will cost. It is mandatory that your potential mover comes to your home to determine the size of your move and how much furniture you have. After they do this, you will receive a written estimate with full costs stated in detail and no hidden fees. This will help you plan your moving budget more precisely. If a certain mover refuses to visit your home to provide a written estimate for your upcoming move, you probably have a scammer on your hands.

Identifying bad movers: Are your potential movers knowledgeable?

Movers should know everything about all the different types of moving. There should be no issues with your move. Whether you are moving locally or cross-country. You especially want to know what their policy is regarding insurance. What will they do in relation to any issues that could potentially arise with your stuff on the road? Bring up questions about their claims process. Get in-depth knowledge of how they deal with damages or lost items. A good way to identify bad movers is if your potential mover seems uncertain or won’t give you answers. And that is especially true about the claims process.

  • Moving is a tedious, long process that you don’t want to make even more challenging by having movers that aren’t reliable. From the very beginning of your move, you have to make sure that you are diligent as you look for movers.
  • This includes meeting and interviewing multiple potential moving companies, viewing their licenses, receiving estimates and more.
  • During this process, it’s important to stay alert and pay attention to anything that seems off. If something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. We hope that these moving tips will help you with identifying bad movers and avoiding having to deal with any fake movers.
Legal or illegal practices are a way to identifying bad movers
Moving is a complicated process that you don’t want to make even more challenging by having movers that aren’t legitimate.

Down payments are too high:

Once you choose your moving company, you’ll have to put down a down payment to secure your move date. This is normal, and that number should not exceed 20% of your total move cost. Don’t worry, the down payment will be used towards your state-to-state move. However, a definitive sign that you might have a scam on your hands is if the mover asks for cash. The same goes for a large down payment, or full payment in advance, so beware, be careful and good luck!

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