5 things to check out on your moving contract

Hiring Moving Experts - August 11, 2019

When you are getting prepared for your move, it is advisable to pay special attention to one thing- the moving contract. Even though it may seem that this is just a formality and that you have settled everything with their representative, you should be careful. You can be surprised how many ‘minor’ details are included here. And exactly those details can make a great difference. In order to give you a helping hand, here are 5 things to check out on your moving contract.

Locations and names are first on the list

Near the top of the contract, you will find some basic pieces of information. These include information about yourself and the best movers in Fort Worth. Contact information will be provided for both parties. What you need to do is to make sure that your company has provided a physical address.

Before signing the moving contract, check the names and locations

In addition to this, you should also check the section about you. It is important that there is your name, your current address and the address where you are moving to. In case there is even a minor mistake, you should contact your mover and inform them about this. If you do not do this, there could be some problems. For example, movers may not be able to find you on the right address.

Among the things you should check on your moving contract should be services

The part of the contract where things start to get more complicated is the section with included services. In your contract, there should be a list of the services that your moving company is providing to you. Of course, the list itself should be detailed. For example, if you are hiring the movers to pack your belongings, make sure that the list confirms this.

In case you have hired them to pack some of your valuables, such as custom crating, be sure that the contract includes details like these as well. On the other hand, if what you need from your movers is just to transport your items, this will be pretty straightforward. One of the moving companies you can count to do everything right is residential movers Fort Worth TX.

Pay special attention to rates

Moving companies base their pricing on several rates. In the majority of cases, the rates are based on weight. However, some companies do not always use this parameter. What you should pay attention to in this section of your moving contract is what other charges are included.

One of the things to check out on your moving contract is whether their calculation is good

For example, a moving company can charge you for moving things up and down the stairs. Of course, if there is some mistake, feel free to contact your mover and point this out. Also, in case you do not understand the contract, ask the representatives to help you with this. You are the one who is paying and hiring them- they should help you understand how they work.

Another thing you should check is a liability

One more thing you should check on your moving contract is a liability. There should be detailed pieces of information about who is liable during the moving process. You have probably discussed moving insurance before even the contract was sent to you. However, it would be a good idea if you check this part too. If you have asked for the insurance, it means that the moving company will be responsible if something breaks or comes up missing during the whole moving process. For this reason, you should read thoroughly the section on moving insurance. It can happen that there is some mistake, but it can be easily corrected.

Timing is also of great importance

Your moving contract should also include information about timing. First of all, pay special attention to the date of your move. Mistakes often happen and this should not worry you. What you should do is simply to call your movers and everything will be fixed.

A clock
What is equally important to check out is timing

After that, check all the other details. For example, there should be the exact time when the packers will show up. Also, you should be notified when the movers will come. In case you are moving long-distance, you should know when your goods will arrive. If you are moving locally, this would be pretty straightforward and this piece of information will not be included.

The last but certainly not least-pricing

Pricing will show you how the rates are actually applied to your move. In this part of the contract, you will see how much money you are going to pay for the move. If you have chosen a professional moving company, this section will be detailed. In case you have asked for a free estimate that is non-binding, you already know how much the moving is going to cost you approximately. However, once you have your contract in your hands, there will be the exact sum you need to pay. If it happens that there are not enough details and you are not sure what you are paying for, contact the moving company and ask them to explain this part.

Changing your place of residence means making a series of difficult decisions. One of them is certainly making a choice about who your mover is going to be. After you have made it and come to an agreement, you are going to receive a contract. Before signing, there are some things to check on your moving contract. We have pointed out the most important ones. After reading this article you are going to be fully prepared and you will know what parts of the contract should get most of your attention.

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