5 steps to organizing a winter relocation

Moving Preparation - January 28, 2022

Moving during the winter is something that few people choose. Even though it has quite a few benefits, the freezing weather is the primary reason people get discouraged to move house in this season. And it is understandable. But there are other people who don’t mind the weather. Or they don’t have another choice but to move. Whatever your case is, we are here to encourage you that organizing a winter relocation is possible. It can be even easier if you hire one of the Texas movers. Stay organized during a relocation, especially during one that’s done in the winter. This guide will give you some simple tips to keep in mind.

Check the weather forecast

Keep an eye out for the weather at both move locations when organizing a winter relocation. Do this once a week to the weeks leading to the move and daily on the week of the move. If you are certain that the weather will be bad, contact one of the movers Richardson TX about your concerns. It is better to delay it that get stuck in a snowstorm.

Snow falling on a street during the night
Tell your movers if you are concerned about the weather conditions

Protect your belongings from bad weather

When packing, you might forget the major difference between a winter and summer move, the weather. While both your homes are probably warm, the items will be in freezing temperatures once some movers North Texas pick them up. While it might not affect all your items, it can certainly do harm to your fragile possessions. Some of those are:

  • Fine china
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Items made of wood

All these items require are a few extra layers of packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them from the cold.

Plan extra time for delays

The weather in winter is unpredictable. One moment it can be bright and at the next a snowstorm can set in. And to make things worse, daylight hours are much shorter during winter. Moving during the night and in the winter is close to impossible, and something you shouldn’t try doing. Or at least now without the help of some residential movers TX. Due to short daylight hours, start your moving day as early as possible, to make most use of the little time you have. But even if you do this, delays could happen, so always plan extra time into your schedule for unpredicted things happening.

Keep the areas around your homes clean

Safety should obviously always be the number one priority, but this is especially important now. A winter move can be potentially dangerous for everyone involved, so do everything in your power to prevent accidents. Clear the driveway and walkway around your house from snow, ice and mud. It is best to do this often, to avoid the accumulation of snow, thus making it more difficult to clean.

Picture of a frozen surface
Keep the areas around your home clean to prevent injuries

Protect your floors

This might be something that you don’t think about, but it is quite important. Even though it is considered being the best season to move for some people, there are drawbacks, and the potential damage to your floors is one of them. Make sure that your movers use floor protection, and if they don’t, insist that they must do it.

Organizing a winter relocation – final thoughts

Organizing a winter relocation will definitely not be easy, but once you complete it, you will be happy that it is done. And who knows, you might even grow to like it more than relocating in the summer when there are plenty of other things you would rather do. We wish you good luck and a safe relocation!

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