5 low-quality packing supplies that you should avoid

Packing Tips - March 5, 2021

Whether local or long-distance, moving from one home to another home brings so many costs. For that reason, we use every chance to save some money when moving. Although hiring long distance movers Texas has is far from expensive, you may want to do some moving tasks by yourself and save money when movers come. Thus, you may want to pack your belonging by yourself instead of hiring a packing service. However, if you want everything to go smoothly, it will not be enough just to pack your things in any kind of packing materials. Unluckily, not all materials suitable for packing. So, if you choose low-quality packing supplies your items could suffer unwanted damages. Today we are talking about packing supplies you should avoid. Instead of wasting time and putting the safety of your belongings at the risk, learn what to do.

Sometimes cardboard boxes are not the ideal solution

When you have to pack all your household, getting moving boxes will be the first thing on your mind. It is because they come in different sizes and they can be used for packing different types of items. As they are cheap and accessible, cardboard boxes can help you cut down moving costs. Also, many people trying to reuse moving boxes without inspecting them first. Unfortunately, in case they are torn or damaged from previous use, they can rip under the weight of your things.

Low-quality packing supplies are reused cardboard boxes.
Make sure to check the condition of boxes you plan to use again.

To resume, cheap moving boxes made of flimsy or thin cardboard are low-quality packing supplies. In case you are reusing those boxes, you can get in serious trouble. They are not ideal for saving budget and time because of the risk of ripping off. Therefore, take the advice from our North Dallas movers and avoid reusing cardboard boxes without checking them. Believe us, you will regret it.

Other low-quality packing supplies

Regardless of the low price, some packing supplies you just need to avoid. So, take the advice from our best movers in Fort Worth and skip using cheap packing materials. The right choice of proper packing supplies is especially important when it comes to your fragile items and valuables. In this case, you may want to use wooden crates as they are convenient for transporting delicate and fragile items. Unluckily, this also can be a bad choice and you are wondering why? Well, you cannot disassemble wooden crates after the move so you will need a lot of space to store them until the next move.

Wooden crates
Since you can’t disassembly them, they could be hard to store.

The next mistake you should avoid is using plastic bags. When packing, it is easy to fill up a trash bag with miscellaneous items, especially during the last-minute packing. However, trash bags oftentimes can crack even under normal amounts of weight. Therefore, they are among low-quality packing supplies.

Common mistakes when choosing packing supplies

Using materials and supplies not meant for packing is often a mistake. When you opt for low-quality packing supplies such as newspapers or other printed pages to wrapped and protect your items, sometimes newsprint can get onto objects. Many people forget they cannot provide enough protection sometimes. To avoid damages to your fragile items, expensive art pieces, make sure to purchase quality wrapping supplies from Amazon. Another common mistake is using duct tape or cheap tape instead of packing tape. So, when you want to reinforce the box for extra protection, make sure to use quality packing tape.


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