5 items you should unpack first

After the Relocation - March 4, 2022

When moving, packing is always considered to be the most difficult task, There are so many items in your household, and you need to put all of them in boxes. On top of all of that, you need to keep it organized. Sounds like a nightmare right? It can, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Hiring professionals like Evolution Moving DFW will turn this nightmare into a pleasant dream. And once you have finished all of this, you need to unpack everything after relocation. From all the items that you have, where should you start first? These are some items that you should unpack first when moving into your new home.

Do the necessary things first before starting with the items you should unpack first

  1. The first thing you need to do after moving in is to clean your new home. But before that, you should also clean all the items that you bring into your new home.
  2. Check your belongings before you start organizing them. Some things may get lost when moving, and that’s why you should hire some movers Garland TX to avoid this. Once you have checked everything, bring the items to the rooms they belong to.
  3. Set important furniture and appliances as soon as you can. It is advised to have a design plan in place so that you don’t end up moving bulky appliances several times.

Bathroom items

Bathroom items, personal care items, toiletries, and medications are some of the items you should unpack first. Nothing beats taking a shower and refreshing yourself after moving with some movers Plano TX. Find your bath towels, shampoos, and toiletries and wash away the stress of moving day.

Picture of a bathroom
You will need bathroom items as soon as you move in

Bedding is one of the items you should unpack first

You probably won’t have time to unpack the whole bedroom right away, but you need to get the bed ready on the first day. Reassemble the bedframe if needed, and arrange the bed the way you like it. Do this as soon as possible since you will need a good night’s rest.

Kitchen necessities

The need to eat doesn’t stop once you have moved in. After a successful relocation with some Carrollton movers TX, you will most likely be hungry. You can certainly order take-out for a few days, but at some point, you will have to unpack your kitchen appliances. Once you have connected the large appliances like the stove and fridge, put the small appliances in their places. Your kitchen will be ready to prepare delicious food in no time!


If you are a plant lover, you probably didn’t leave your plants behind when moving. And why should you? They bring life into your home, and did you know that they also purify the indoor air? Your houseplants are another thing that you should unpack as soon as you arrive at your new home. They survived enough stress during the move, so take them out of the vehicle as soon as you can and give them love and time to adapt.

Kids and pets items

If you have young children, chances are that they will ask for their favorite toys shortly after you get to your new home. Have they in an accessible place, in a labeled box. This way you will be able to find them even in the middle of the night, which is the most likely time when you will be looking for them.

If pets are part of your household, then you shouldn’t forget about them either. Attend to their need immediately upon arrival, since they will be confused by the new surroundings. Keep some pet food and favorite toys at hand for the time when you arrive.

Girl holding a dog
You need to attend to the needs of your kids and pets when moving

Items you should unpack first

All of the items you should unpack first are necessities that you will be using as soon as you move in. For that reason, they should be kept in an easily accessible place. Some of these items might even be part of your essentials bag, like toiletries for example. We wish you good luck moving and unpacking!

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