5 examples of relocation gone bad

Moving Preparation - May 11, 2020

Between the chaotic schedules and heavy lifting, it’s no wonder so many people dislike the process of packing and moving. And while you can’t completely avoid stress (or back pain) on moving day, you can make sure you don’t turn this tedious event into a complete disaster. Watch out for these 5 common examples of relocation gone bad.

Packing tape
Always tape your boxes before your scheduled move. That one forgotten step can cost valuable time.

Waiting to the last minute and not transferring your utilities

If you’re still rushing to pack your kitchen when the movers arrive, your moving day is headed for catastrophe. Save yourself the hassle (and the speed up the packing process) and start packing as early as possible. You should start several weeks in advance if you can spare it. To make the job easier, aim to tackle one project a day. For example, you can start with the tools in your garage or the winter clothes you keep in the spare room. Then work up to bigger projects such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

There no worse example of relocation gone bad than moving into your new home on a Friday night only to realize the lights won’t turn on because you forgot to transfer the utilities! Remember, you won’t be able to reach the utility company until Monday morning. It’s crucial you make sure to set up your utilities at least a week before you move. If you’re moving within your town, most companies will let you transfer your account from one address to another online.

Forgetting to check your insurance is an example of a relocation gone bad 101

If your moving professionals accidentally break your TV, who pays for it? Well in case you didn’t do your homework, you will. That is why you should get moving quotes TX beforehand. Always ask the moving company to tell you about its insurance policy in detail ahead of time. Most movers’ insurance policies use weight to value your belongings. For instance, the policy could reimburse you for 50 cents per pound for any damaged goods. This means that you won’t receive the full price for your expensive but lightweight TV. If the mover’s liability policy won’t cover your belongings, check your rental or homeowner’s insurance policy. Usually, they cover relocations, too, so you are still protected. If not, don’t just wait until your relocation has gone bad or hope for the best. Instead, purchase higher coverage insurance through your mover just to be safe.

Toiletries you need to pack to avoid our examples of relocation gone bad from happening
Don’t forget to pack essentials like toilet paper, scissors, flashlights, and medications.

Examples of relocation gone bad: Not organizing the packing process properly

When you don’t have enough time, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll just sort out the boxes later… but arriving at your new home with a truckload of boxes you haven’t labeled will add a lot of anxiety to your first days in your new place. Instead, make sure you pack each box extremely carefully, properly wrapping fragile items, and mark the outside labeling the room the box should go in.
To make things easy on yourself, pack everything you’ll need right away in one box. Keep this box with you while you move. Once you’re in the new place, you simply have to open that box to get everything you need on your first few nights in your new home.

This includes two other important smaller steps:

However, moving is so much more than putting essentials items inboxes. Once you’re done scoping out moving companies Garland TX, it’s important to check those easily forgotten chores off the to-do list. Plan out how to best tackle tasks in advance, from making your new house arrangements to renting your storage unit. That’s how you avoid any examples of relocation gone bad!

1. Liquids are the perfect examples of relocation going bad inside of a moving truck

Of course, no one wants bleach spilling onto their beautiful couch. For movers, there are certain items most companies prefer not to move, like your Italian olive oil. And there are some they simply can’t, like your Italian wine collection. Examples of liquids you should leave behind or transport yourself to avoid your relocation going bad include:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Oils
  • Detergents
  • Gasoline
  • Alcohol
  • With gasoline or kerosene tanks, like your outdoor grill uses, make sure you have a professional empty the tank.
  • If you do have liquids you’d like to take with you, our local movers are more than happy to box those up and put them in your car for you.
  • Just remember to label them accordingly to avoid confusion.

2. You didn’t prep your appliances

Always double-check that you:

  • Have unloaded the dishwasher
  • Next, unload the washing machine and dryer
  • Clean all food out of the refrigerator
  • Unhook cable boxes, computers, televisions, and other appliances
  • One appliance you should leave out is the coffee maker and a couple of mugs. There’s nothing worse than caffeine withdrawal on moving day.

Do you have a game plan for moving day to avoid our examples of relocation gone bad?

Moving an entire household is a huge undertaking. What is the fastest way to help your movers accomplish the job faster? Draw your floor plan and have a plan of attack before moving day for your boxes and furniture. When you don’t know where the boxes go, how will your movers know? For example, instead of writing “Zoe’s Stuff” with a Sharpie, print a digital label called “Zoe’s Stuff – Second Room on the Left” and adhere to every side of the box. This makes it legible from any angle.

Between labeling boxes and emptying the refrigerator, don’t forget your furry best friends need to move too. Schedule an appointment with your vet before moving day to make sure your pet is up-to-date on shots, tags, certificates, and proper identification. And in case you’re crossing state lines, keep your animal’s papers on you at all times.

Puppy in a box
If your pet will be traveling a long distance, ask about traveling tips, portable kennels, and motion sickness medication.

Make sure you organize your storage unit

Many people are optimistic about their move-in date, so they never take inevitable delays into account. But there are several things you can do to avoid this situation. First, make sure you pack last the items you might need often. They will be near the front of your unit. And, label everything meticulously. Finally, if you think you’ll need it before six months pass, consider whether it’s worth paying the rent at all.

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