3 reasons why you should create a moving inventory list

Moving Preparation - March 21, 2020

Moving takes planning. A lot of it. There are a metric ton of things to organize, sort and pack. Movers to be picked. Services to be canceled. Paperwork to be done. All in all, if you are planning on moving anytime soon, you have a lot of work to do. However, it does not have to be overbearing. There is a way to make it all a lot simpler. Well, simpler for the possessions you have to relocate. That is to have a moving inventory list. What is a moving inventory list and why do you need one? Well, you will find one good explanation and three good reasons right here!

What to do be before creating a moving inventory list

But first, there are things to be done before you can go on with creating a moving inventory list. You have to pick good movers. Today more than ever, we are moving. Millions of Americans change their homes each year, many of them on long, interstate relocations. What does this mean? Well for moving, it means that there is a lot of demand. And where demand for a service exists, supply quickly catches up. This is why there are thousands upon thousands of moving companies across America that are prepared to take of your possessions during a relocation.

5 star rating for a moving inventory list
Well reviewed movers are what you want for your relocation.

However, that is a rather big thing about moving. It is relocating all you have… and you want it to be safe. But how can you know that packing services fort worth TX will pack your items without damaging them? That there will be no loss in possessions during relocation? Well, you can always check for a few distinct features we find to be the ones you should be striving towards.

  • Licensed and insured – Before you can even consider making your moving inventory list and do other things concerning your move, you first have to have a moving company you can trust. A mover that can truly take care of you. In other words, you need a licensed mover. If they don’t have a license, don’t work with them. Since, if they don’t, they might be out to scam you, or oversize, extort and trick you. Sign good, clear contracts and work with licensed, insured companies. Nothing less.
  • A proven track record – Having covered the basic requirement of it being a legally run business, you need to ensure that they are someone who has a history of a successful relocation. For this, use Yelp, Google or other reviewing platforms. They will help you gauge their quality.
  • Affordable – No service is good if you cant afford it.
  • Good communication – Communication is key when you are trying to organize a relocation.
  • Professional staff – A staff that goes out or their way to help.

First of the three reasons – downsizing

So, let us begin. After you have chosen the best out of all the moving companies Dallas Fort Worth you could find, you are now ready to begin with your planning process. Making a list of all of your possessions is a very wise thing to do. Mainly because downsizing is an essential part of moving.

More often than not, you are moving to a smaller apartment and you will need fewer things, or maybe you simply want to cast off some of the unwanted items in your inventory to make the moving bill a little bit easier on the budget.

Writing down a checklist
Downsizing is almost a must during moving.


So, when you are trying to downsizing, moving inventory lists can help you by showing you what things you need, and what things you can do without. First off, you simply make a list. After that, you go over the items and see what have you used in the past months. You also categorize the items by weight, value, room placement or any other categories you see fit. After you notice some of the things you have no more use for, you are ready to make a to-do list… of things to sell, donate or store.

To sell them is a good way to make a buck. Garage sale won’t give you much, but it will give money for things that give you no use. Furthermore, you can also donate the items, as there are many charities that will take them. Finally, you can simply store them for later, maybe at the moving company’s storage facilities.

Additionally, you can simply throw them away. We only wish to emphasize that you should, if possible, recycle.

Second – packing and unpacking

Making a moving inventory list is a good thing to do if you want to get packed without the help of professional movers like movers Lakeway TX. Packing can be chaotic. All things have their sizes and fragility, so you have to take that into consideration when you are getting your packing material.

clothes packed
Checklists are necessary for good packing

Be sure to list your things by size and weight. Also, write down if they are fragile or not. And never, ever miss an opportunity to label fragile boxes as such. Doing so is simply inviting trouble. 

And finally – because of organization in general

When you are a month away from movers Converse TX picking you up and moving you into your new home, you are already knee-deep in the organisation of the relocation, especially if you have family or if it is your first time. Keeping a moving inventory list is a good way of keeping track of the process.

Final notes

We hope we made a pretty good case for making a moving inventory list. It is convenient, it helps you make progress in your planning, and of course, it makes you assess better the size and volume of your move. A moving inventory list will help you gauge the prices and determine what has to go if downsizing is at hand. It has so many uses and literary no cons that it is a must that you do it. Moving the inventory list just makes sense. 

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