3 hidden gems of Dallas to visit after moving here

After the Relocation - March 31, 2022

Moving home can be quite exhausting, time-consuming, and costly. But after you are done and settled in, you will surely enjoy exploring your new neighborhood. And it is something that will boost your morale and lift your spirit a bit. Especially if you find some cool places where you can spend time with your family. Therefore, today we will show you a few hidden gems of Dallas to visit and ensure you find one of the best moving companies in Texas to get you there. After all, safety always comes first. Let’s go!

Focus on the relocation plan first

Exploring Dallas will be an amazing journey for you. But before you can even begin, you must wrap up your relocation and ensure you are settled in safely. So, start by inspecting your belongings and create a moving checklist. Note down all furniture you will relocate because your apartment movers Dallas must know all about it. They will organize better if you provide precise numbers and present the real complexity of the move. Also, you will organize better when it comes to packing supplies and packing in general. Lastly, inspect your home as well and ensure all staircases, hallways, and corridors are safe to work in.

a couple creating a list of hidden gems of Dallas to visit
Organize your relocation and find movers before you begin exploring the hidden gems of Dallas.

Once you have it all written down, call your movers and let them provide a moving quote. They will advise on the best set of moving services Dallas you should purchase. Of course, those services will make your relocation cheaper, safer, and more enjoyable. Do it all well in advance so you have more time to focus on researching the hidden gems of Dallas to visit.

Highland Park is the first among hidden gems of Dallas to visit

Our first stop is at the Highland Park Village. Even though it is only a shopping center full of branded clothing and other miscellaneous items, what makes it special is the architecture. It is a blend of Spanish, American, and Italian architecture that will leave you breathless. The setting is quite unique as well. All the stores and buildings around it are decorated and artistically adapted to fit the whole picture nicely. You will love it here whether you are shopping or simply having a morning coffee.

Wild Detectives Bar is one of the hidden gems of Dallas to visit for sure

Next among the hidden gems of Dallas to visit is the Wild Detectives bar. It might sound silly a bar found the spot on this list, but there is a strong reason for that. The whole setting looks like a cozy library. You can even purchase books and there is a shelf with the latest editions. Although, they have much more of the old ones. Basically, you enter the time capsule and lose yourself among the dim candlelights, a good book, and your favorite drink. Yes, you order a book and a drink. What is good about it, is you can stay there for as long as you like and read your favorite piece. This is definitely a place worth checking out.

a woman reading the book next to a fireplace
Check out the Wild Detectives and enjoy your favorite book.

White Rock Lake

Northeast of Downtown Dallas you’ll find White Rock Lake. It is our last stop for the day and a beautiful one at that. The place is full of greenery, tall trees, and an almost 10-mile long hiking and biking trail. It is a perfect spot to have a picnic with your family. What is good about this place is the fact not many people know about it so it is not as crowded as other picnic areas in Dallas. You should surely find time over the weekend to check it out.

Now you know more about hidden gems of Dallas to visit. There are plenty more but we will leave it for you to explore. Remember to organize your move and call your long distance movers Texas on time. This way you will have a pleasant moving experience and enjoyable adventure as soon as you move in. Have fun exploring!

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